Industrial Packaging

We are experts in safe and durable packaging solutions, designed to maximize your profits. We offer solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.

We optimize the use of material and volume to reduce costs for distribution.


Stretch Film

Solemba is always in a position to offer the latest innovations and developments in the sector. We are offering a customized product with constant and definitive quality in all its ranges.

• Wide range of thicknesses (between 12 and 50 microns)
• Width 250, 400, 450 and 500 mm (Stretched up between 150% and 350%
according to customer references and needs)
• Greater resistance to breakage and impact
• High transparency and brightness
• Anti-static and Anti-blocking
• Possibility film without cylindrical mandrel (inner cardboard tube)
• Possibility of previously pre-stretched film
• Possibility of opaque or translucent coloring (Black, white and other colors)
• Possibility of printing
• Possibility of sliding external face
• Possibility of anti-UV resistance

Polyester Strap (PET)

• The right alternative to steel strapping.
• Used for securing heavy or versatile goods, has a high breaking strength.
• No rust corrosion and minimum risk of injury during usage
• Not affected by sun beams and weather conditions
• Easy, fast handling and applicable in all industries
• Economic advantage and a reliable strap for transporting your goods
• Applicable with full automatic, pneumatic and rechargable strapping tools

Polypropylene Strap (PP)

• An economic packaging application with fast and easy handling
• No rust corrosion and minimum risk of injury during usage
• Applicable with full automatic, semi-automatic and manuel strapping
tools and machines
• With its soft density it is recommended for strapping cardboard boxes and light pallets

Textile Strap

Textile strap is soft, flexible, resistant to breakage, possibility of tension, insensitive to surface contact, perfectly resistant


Stretch Hood

Strech hood is an automatic sheathing of palletized loads with pre-stretchable plastic that perfectly adapts to the volume of the load.

• Does not leave plastics remains hanging on the pallet
• Possibility of formation of sleeve without superior welding.

Edge Protector

We have Edge Protector corners and profiles for applications aimed at industry and the agri-food sector. We are offering in a wide variety of formats, colors, surface finishes and different types of corners that improve the resistance of the palletization.


Dunnage Bags / Dunnage Air Bags

Inflatable air bags are designed specifically to secure and stabilize cargoes in containers, closed rail cars, lorries and warehouses on ships. The inflatable bags are the quickest, most economical merchandise fixation system. More export companies are spent to avoid damage during transportation.

Garbage Bags

We offer a wide range of different garbage bags to our customers. We have garbage bags in different sizes and resistant. We present them with pre-cut and can be presented without pre-cut as well. We can offer part of black color different colors too. The bags are ideal for industry use.

• Material: LDPE – HDPE
• Color: Different colors
• Type: Industry Use

A lot of garbage bags rolls