Agricultural Packaging

Solemba offers an optimization of the protection of the packaging of the products, as well as the use of materials that respect the environment. In this way, Solemba provides an effective response to the great demand for solutions from the agricultural sector, helping to meet the technical specifications that we request for this type of packaging.

Solarization Film

Soil solarization is a non-pesticidal method of controlling soil borne pests by covering plastic sheets on moist soil during periods of high ambient temperature. The film allow the sun’s radiant energy to be trapped in the soil, heating the upper levels. By doing so, during hot summer days can it increase soil temperature to levels that kill many disease – causing organisms, nematodes and weed seed thus improves soil.

Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse films have been developed to meet the requirements of both specific crops as well as the particular climate for the region it is made in Ldpe and Hdpe. Additionally, greenhouse films gain extra features with combination of additives which provide excellent agronomic result for growers in terms of better crop yield. We are offering latest technology and high quality greenhouse films wide up to different metres.


Silage Film / Silage Stretch Film

We are offering innovative silage stretch film made from the highest quality raw materials and produced with multilayer blown film production technology. This provides you very strong, elastic, good stretch properties, good cling between layers, high puncture resistance and most importantly impermeability to air and moisture.

• UV degradation and features high UV stabilization.
• Easy process
• Not toxic
• Recyclable