Food Packaging

Packaging for food products comes in many different forms, depending on the technical requirements along the supply chain.

Our range of food packagings guarantees that your products will be kept fresh and protected while complying with all relevant food hygiene legislation.

PET/PP Thermoform Food Containers

We have high quality products and the highest competitive level of rectangular and round shape PET / PP with high lid, low lid, square, oval, salad bowls, sliced, eggcup, sauce bowl, gastronomy, patisseries etc. We also have several colors and different sizes with different models. We collaborate with one of the most important Turkish manufacturers for the Spanish and Latin American markets. Folyoterm has more than 450 different models in the thermoforming products of PET and PP.

PP/PS Plastic Pet – Paper and Foam Cups

We have available a wide variety of glasses that meet the needs of the customers. Plastic – Paper – Foam and different sizes, colors, materials.

Material: PP / PET / Foam / Paper
Use: For hot or cold drinks
Color: Transparent and white and different colors

PVC Food Cling Film

We have available PVC food film that is the best material to preserve fresh food. Available in 8 microns. It has elasticity, adhesiveness, resistance, transparency.

Material: (PVC)
Use: For food
Type: Type of house, industrial, automatic and jumbo
Dimensions: Customized at different microns and dimensions

Plastic Injection Food Container

We offer injected containers in various sizes and colors. The containers are completely safe. You can print personilizada according to the demand of the client. Injected Containers are easy to wash they are more durable.


Ecological Food Packaging

We offer bio-range of ecological packaging for takeaway foods. Discover our organic products for all kinds of businesses related to food.

Material: Biodegradable
Use: For hot and cold meals
Color: Brown and White
Type : Various

PP/PS Plastic Plates and Cutlery

We can offer all plastic cutlery, plastic spoons, knives, forks, coffee and dessert, spoons and forks

Material: – PP / PS -% 100 recycle
Color: Transparent and white and different colors
Use: Industry – domestic


Foam Food Boxes

We have Foam Containers (Porex) for different applications: For Hamburger, 3-compartment container, Thermal Menu Boxes.

Material: EPS Foam
Use: for hot and cold meals
Color: White and Yellow
Type : Available